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We are hosting a Wolf and Carnivore Conference on October 18, 2017 here in Thompson, Manitoba! With world-renowned scientists, researchers and speakers attending it’s sure to be an enlightening experience. Thompson has a healthy wolf population roaming its surrounding boreal forests. Our wolf population size is unstudied, yet even in their elusive nature we have plenty of sightings. Wolf populations used to be thriving in North America, an estimated 250,000 – 500,000 roamed freely. By 1960, the wolf population was reduced to around 300 in the States. Since then, people have become the wolves among us, fighting for the survival of these beautiful carnivores. We want to encourage people around the world to view wolves in a positive light and replace the stigma around these amazing animals.

Photo credit: Robert Postma – Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

 At the conference there will be presentations on how climate change is affecting polar bears and other carnivores, whether wolves are at fault for declining moose and caribou populations, and the creation and development a Wolf Centre of Excellence. There will also be a never-before offered workshop by polar bear expert, Nikita Ovysanikov, on safe polar bear encounters and conflict prevention methodology!

The conference is a smaller venue, designed to provide more personal interaction with the keynote speakers and wolf experts. This conference is designed to help create a wolf economy in Manitoba and help develop a global Wolf Viewing and Study Centre. There are unlimited research opportunities in the northern Manitoba region. You can see stunning public art such as our 10-story wolf mural and multiple wolf statues around town.  Attendees can also register for a private charter to see polar bears in Churchill!

There are only 140 seats available at the Wolf and Carnivore Conference, so make sure to register today! Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the pack in furthering wolf research, awareness and conservation! Go to http://thompsonspiritway.ca/conference/  to register today and get the EARLY BIRD rate! Offer ends July 31st.

To all of you who care about the future of the wolves among us, register today and come see what we are doing in Thompson, Manitoba to change wolf history!

To any of our European followers, make sure to sign up for the Manitoba Wild Contest and enter to win a trip from London to Northern Manitoba. You can see wolves, polar bears, and much more on this trip of a lifetime!

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