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Make it a GPS Wolf Hunt!

Here are the beautiful Spirit Way wolves spread across Manitoba in Winnipeg, Thompson, and Churchill.: Each of the 49 wolf statues is solid concrete, weighs 5500 lbs. each and stands 7.5 ft tall. Each statue is sponsored by someone and painted by a talented artist.


Welcome geocachers and GPS enthusiasts! : Here is your opportunity to use your GPS to find the Spirit Way Wolves which are located across our beautiful province. What better opportunity to see Manitoba and have some fun with your GPS while you’re at it.
Each wolf’s title is a secret! Your mission, if you accept it, is to track them down and find the title on all the 49 steel plaques. Then you will be recognized as a GPS Wolf Master Tracker! You need to buy a GPS Wolf Passport. Read the rules below.

IMPORTANT: Some of the wolves have changed location. Click on city links below and get new coordinates for a few wolves in Thompson and Winnipeg.

SEE ALL 49 WOLVES HERE. Click on links below…

Spirit Way Wolves in Thompson

Spirit Way Wolves in Winnipeg

Spirit Way Wolves in Churchill


Purchase a “GPS WOLF HUNT PASSPORT” for only $5.

Available at:


  • Manitoba Geocaching Association: info@mbgeocaching.ca
  • Explore Manitoba Visitor Centre, The Forks


  • Heritage North Museum, Princeton Dr & Thompson Dr. South
  • McCreedy Campground, near Burntwood River


  • Arctic Trading, 141 Kelsey Blvd.
  • Tamarack Rentals, 299 Kelsey Blvd,
  • Tundra Buggy Gift Shop, 124 Kelsey Blvd.


Find each wolf in each city by using the GPS coordinates in the passport.


Make these important corrections to coordinates in your Passport because these wolves have moved:

Wolf #10 Coordinates: N 55 44.468 :  W 97 51.022
Wolf #12 Coordinates: N 55 44.029 :  W 97 51.366
Wolf #15 Coordinates: N 55 44.637 :  W 97 51.319
Wolf #29 Coordinates: N 55 44.029 :  W 97 51.366
Wolf #30 Coordinates: N 55 44.660 : W 97 52.528
Wolf #36 Coordinates: N 49˚ 53′ 13″ : W 97˚ 16′ 7″
Wolf #38 Coordinates: N 49 52.914 : W 97 07.952
Wolf #40 Coordinates: N49.897015 : W 97.043928
Wolf #41 Coordinates: N 49 52.279:  W 97 13.995
Wolf #42 Coordinates: N 49.920094 : W 97.171546


Once you’ve found all the wolves in each city, take your passport to these locations to be validated with the Official Rubber Stamp.
Phone to confirm business hours.


Locations are:

WINNIPEG – Explore Manitoba Visitor Centre at The Forks. Ph. 927 7838.

THOMPSON – Heritage North Museum, Princeton Drive & Thompson Drive South. Ph. 677 2216.

CHURCHILL– Tamarack Rentals, 299 Kelsey Blvd. Ph. 675 2192.



After your passport has been stamped in ALL 3 cities, click on the GPS Master Wolf Tracker button in this website for details.
Complete a Wolf Hunt Registration Form.
Then email, mail, or fax the Form.

Once it’s validated, you will receive a Master Wolf Tracker Certificate by email, and your name will go into this website as an official Master Wolf Tracker!!! (Who will be the youngest? The oldest? The most in a family? Take the fastest or longest?)

Enjoy the amazing public wolf art across the province of Manitoba. Have fun!!

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