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Dateline: September 12, 2009

On September 11, 2009 the most unique statue and tribute of its kind in North America was dedicated to the special firefighters of northern Manitoba. September 11 is a memorable day in North America because in 2001 a tragic event happened in New York that killed 343 firefighters as they rushed in to help people in the burning World Trade Centre towers. That day will never be forgotten.

The beautiful statue in Thompson represents the exceptional skill sets found in the North from municipal and forest firefighters, water bomber pilots and helitac crews. And Vale Inco’s volunteer mine rescue people who can go down 4000 ft to fight fires. This region can claim that we can fight fires from a mile above the ground to a mile below.

The statue was created by Clayt Lennox of Winnipeg and took over 2 years to fundraise and finalize. It is solid concrete with a liquid bronze coating. It sits in a wonderful setting overlooking Ravine Park on one side and downtown Thompson on the other. It is located between the Bailey Bridge and MacLean Park, both Spirit Way points of interest. Four Spirit Way wolf statues are nearby howling their respect of fire fighters.

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