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Every artist dips their brush into their own soul, and paints their own nature into their pictures. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

The year of 2017 has brought the world many gifts, especially in the form of art. Thompson Spirit Way has dedicated its life to raising awareness for our wolf population and creating a wolf economy in Thompson. We are even having a Wolf & Carnivore Conference this October! However, we are also strong advocates for all things art, particularly stunning wildlife art.

The Pangeaseed Sea Walls project that took place in Churchill, Manitoba this summer blew us away. Exquisite art murals paint the Polar Bear Capital of the World to raise awareness for the persistent ocean environmental issues. Kal Barteski, Winnipeg artist and founder of the Polar Bear Foundation, stated, “We want to generate consciousness through the power of art (Bizarre Beyond Belief, 2017).”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. This project adheres to the quote: “creativity takes courage” by Henzi Matisse. It takes courage to bare your soul, your talent, and it also takes courage to use that voice to speak out on important issues.

In Wolverhampton, UK they debuted an incredible Wolves in Wolves project; consisting of 30 unique wolf statues painted from the souls of 29 artists. How could we not celebrate this with our sister city! Our own local artist, Jasyn Lucas, painted 2 of the wolf statues in Wolverhampton.

Sacred Grandfathers. Wolf Sculpture. Jasyn Lucas. Wolverhampton.

Jasyn’s painting of Sacred Grandfathers, for the Wolves in Wolves project was inspired by teachings which go back thousands of years. The animals painted on the sculpture signify: truth, courage, love, humility, wisdom, respect, and honesty.

Those traits are important to living out in the wilderness, having love and respect for the amazing animals and nature around us. We wanted to give you a chance to see it for yourself so we created the Manitoba Wild Contest for 2018. Open to European residents only, you will travel from London, UK to Manitoba, Canada. Entries end on September 30, 2017.

Follow the Spirit Way trail in Thompson and see our 16 scenic points of interest, including a ten-story wolf mural! Continue on to tour Churchill with Frontier’s North and catch a glimpse of the Sea Walls exhibit around town. Finally, walk (yes, walk) with polar bears with Churchill Wild at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. A journey to northern Canada to see everything from wolves, polar bears, dancing northern lights, to exquisite paintings with stories to tell.

Wolf Mural. Thompson, Manitoba.

Over 30 wolf statues guard the Spirit Way path and as you make your way along you’re sure to find the wolf spirit in you. This walkway is a Manitoba Star Attraction with its 2.5 km walking trail holding hidden treasures of historical, cultural, and artistic perspectives. It plays a key part in telling our story here in Thompson. 
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