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Wolf Mural



Largest Photo-Real Mural in Canada

The 86 ft high x 62 ft wide image is Canada’€™s largest photo-real mural. It rests on a 10 storey apartment block, Highland Tower, that is the most prominent building on Thompson’€™s™ skyline. Highly visible from downtown and can be seen 1 mile away. Located along the designated Millennium Trail. It is a reproduction of Robert Batemanâ™ Wolf Sketch painted in 1990.

Canada’€™s largest photo real mural is visible a mile away. Painted by award winning muralist, Charles Johnston, it is a reproduction of a Robert Bateman painting called “€œWolf Sketch” which he completed in 1990. It is the only Bateman mural in existence. Robert Bateman is Canada’s most renowned and internationally acclaimed wildlife painter.

The mural is located on Highland Tower, a 10 storey apartment block and the most prominent building on Thompson’€™s skyline. The mural is 86 ft high by 64 wide. It is considered a stunning and world class mural. It was the first Point of Interest completed in September 2005 and set the standard for other development. It will also be the basis for a complete wolf branding theme in Thompson to be developed over the next few years.

The ARTIST, Charles Johnston, was required to exactly reproduce Robert Bateman’s original artwork done on textured paper. The final mural is a masterpiece in its own right and was completed in six weeks. It is visible from a mile away!

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Did You Know

  • The mural was funded by Manitoba Hydro and Shelter Canadian Properties.
  • The muralist was Charles Johnston of Winnipeg.

Funding received from Manitoba Hydro and Shelter Canadian Properties

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