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Wolf Mural View Point



Tansi! Welcome to Downtown

Here is the official viewpoint site for the Bateman Wolf Mural. It is the best location to see all 10 stories of the Mural. Read the interesting story of the mural and the artist at this display site.

Bateman’s message for “€œWolf Sketch”€ is one of eye to eye with respect… Wolves perhaps feel that eye to eye staring would be almost confrontational. Perhaps this is why we find the direct gaze of a wolf so compelling. The drawing was executed on rough paper to give a feeling of the rough power of a wild wolf.

Did You Know

  • This is the best location to see the mural in its entirety.
  • This is Canada’€™s largest photo-real mural.
  • This is the only mural of a Robert Bateman painting in the world.
  • This is the LARGEST lighted painted mural in the world!
  • The mural size is 64 ft wide by 86 ft high.
  • 2500 bolts holding the metal cladding on the wall had to be spot primed before painting.
  • The mural only sees the sun a few hours on summer mornings which will extend life expectancy to over 20 years.
  • A taxi driver was overhead saying, “€œThat wolf’€™s eyes turn and watch me as I drive by!”
  • This extraordinary mural was sponsored by Manitoba Hydro and Shelter Canadian Properties at a cost of $125,000.
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