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On the Edge of an Urban Setting and Total Wilderness

spirit-way-guide_page_25_image_0002Look north to see forest and wilderness for vast distances. This is the traditional territory of Aboriginal people who trapped and traded for hundreds of years with the Hudson’€™s Bay Company. Feel the adventure and history?

Turn around and look south to see modern industry, high rises, and urban life. Thompson started because someone discovered nickel which had a market world wide. Today, as the Hub of the North, Thompson has a growing diversified economy and continues to prosper.

This scenic and unique site is a dividing line between wilderness and urban life, old trade and new. Soak it in!

The first indoor mall in Western Canada was the Thompson Plaza in 1962. It acted as the focal point of downtown in the 1960’s.

Partner: Thompson Chamber of Commerce
Partial Funding from Community Places, Province of Manitoba
Donation from City Centre Mall Merchants

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