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Bailey Bridge



A Piece of History Beginning in World War II

Designed by Sir Dennis Bailey in 1945. These bridges helped the Allied troops win WWII. This bridge traveled from Appleby, England to Europe to Bird, Manitoba to the Burntwood River, when Thompson began, to its resting place here in Ravine Park. Only one section remains today.


Military Genius

Fabricated at Frodingham factory in Appleby, UK, it spanned the Burntwood River from 1957 to 1971. This is the only section remaining. Look for the last concrete pier in the river today.

Did You Know

  • The Bailey Bridge was invented by Donald Bailey in England in 1941. It was designed to be moved, rebuilt, or replaced in a few hours under enemy fi re. It is totally built by manpower alone. It helped the Allies win the war in 1945 after they invaded Europe.
  • Donald Bailey was knighted by the Queen for his invention.
  • Bailey bridges are still used around the world today.

Partner – United Steelworkers of America and Thompson Labour Committee. Partially funded by Community Places, Department of Culture, Heritage and Tourism

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