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Walk with the Wolves!

Thompson has become the Wolf Capital of Canada. Various stakeholders, Thompson Zoo, University College of the North, School District and others, are developing a plan that will involve wolf research, education, tourism, wolf events and art. We’ve been in touch with many organizations and agencies, biologists, wildlife people, etc who all are expressing strong support for our plans. For too long wolves have been considered problem animals, but it is now recognized these predators play a crucial role in the balance of nature.

Thompson has all the raw resources to create a wolf industry – captive wolves at the zoo and wild wolf packs in the boreal forest. Plus Spirit Way Inc. has created some amazing public wolf art. Thompson and Manitoba can take a leadership role and be recognized world wide in protecting and conserving wolves and raising the value and respect for these amazing animals. Over the next few months, we will bring you updates and explain our progress. Stay tuned!

Did You Know?

  • Gray wolves live in family packs of 4 to 12 and their territory covers 100s of kilometers.
  • Each family pack is usually led by a breeding male and female that will hunt weak moose, deer, or caribou.
  • Wolves are intelligent, elusive animals. Attacks on humans are almost non-existent.
  • Wolves were reintroduced into American forests in the 1990s to return a natural wildlife balance.
  • Aboriginal teachings of wolves tell stories of respect, guardianship, bravery, and community.
  • Wolves at the Thompson Zoo can be heard howling which signals their presence to other packs and confirms their social structure.
  • Wild wolves are occasionally seen around Thompson and near the city’s outskirts.
  • Manitoba has an estimated population of 6000+ wolves
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