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We wanted to add something truly unique to our Wolf and Carnivore Conference coming up on October 18. The day before attending the conference, you can partake in an exclusive polar bear tour with Frontier’s North in Churchill, Manitoba. Flying out of Thompson, you will be met at the Churchill airport and whisked away to watch polar bears roam along the Hudson Bay coast.

Polar bears by Brian Wilson
Polar bear with Frontier’s North Adventures

If you’ve never been in a Tundra Buggy the interior resembles a large bus, but they feel akin to an overly spacious train car as the vehicles sway gently crawling over the tundra. They have specific routes they take to minimize damage to the landscape as tundra is a very fragile bed. On the Tundra Buggy, your expert Frontier’s North guide will keep you entertained with fun facts and stories about Churchill and its wildlife; all while pointing out the animals around you. While on the buggy you will have a chance to see polar bears, Arctic hares, Arctic foxes, red foxes, ptarmigan and maybe even a caribou. 

Polar bear yoga. Photo by Lydia Attinger. Seal River Heritage Lodge

For lunch you will have a truly northern picnic, overlooking the Hudson Bay and more than likely, a polar bear or two lounging about. The food is hearty and delicious, catered by Tundra Inn restaurant, a favourite among many of the locals. Which means you’re eating Churchill approved food! At the end of the day you will be spirited away to the inimitable town of Churchill to do a little shopping, view some of the mesmerizing Sea Walls murals that freshly decorate the town, and enjoy a gorgeous meal before boarding the plane back to Thompson for the conference the next day.

A day of epic adventure that you’re sure to enjoy! Register today to take advantage of our early bird discount which ends July 31. 

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