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Churchill Tundra Tour – Wolf and Carnivore Conference


We wanted to add something truly unique to our Wolf and Carnivore Conference coming up on October 18. The day before attending the conference, you can partake in an exclusive polar bear tour with Frontier’s North in Churchill, Manitoba. Flying out of Thompson, you will be met at the Churchill airport and whisked away to watch polar bears roam along the Hudson Bay coast.

Polar bears by Brian Wilson
Polar bear with Frontier’s North Adventures

If you’ve never been in a Tundra Buggy the interior resembles a large bus, but they feel akin to an overly spacious train car as the vehicles sway gently crawling over the tundra. They have specific routes they take to minimize damage to the landscape as tundra is a very fragile bed. On the Tundra Buggy, your expert Frontier’s North guide will keep you entertained with fun facts and stories about Churchill and its wildlife; all while pointing out the animals around you. While on the buggy you will have a chance to see polar bears, Arctic hares, Arctic foxes, red foxes, ptarmigan and maybe even a caribou. 

Polar bear yoga. Photo by Lydia Attinger. Seal River Heritage Lodge

For lunch you will have a truly northern picnic, overlooking the Hudson Bay and more than likely, a polar bear or two lounging about. The food is hearty and delicious, catered by Tundra Inn restaurant, a favourite among many of the locals. Which means you’re eating Churchill approved food! At the end of the day you will be spirited away to the inimitable town of Churchill to do a little shopping, view some of the mesmerizing Sea Walls murals that freshly decorate the town, and enjoy a gorgeous meal before boarding the plane back to Thompson for the conference the next day.

A day of epic adventure that you’re sure to enjoy! Register today to take advantage of our early bird discount which ends July 31. 

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Wildlife Whisperers: Coming October 2017


Wolf Conference logo

Wolf in the grass. Wolf and Carnivore Conference on October 18-19, 2017 in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada.

We’d like to introduce you to some of the speakers for our upcoming Wolf and Carnivore Conference on October 18-19, 2017 in Thompson! We are very excited to welcome such brilliant and passionate people as speakers! There is limited space at the conference so be sure to register soon! Early bird offer ends on July 31, 2017!


David Mech. Speaker. Wolf and Carnivore Conference on October 18-19, 2017 in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada.
David Mech

Dave is a wolf expert, he’s been studying wolves for most of his career, since 1958 to be exact! He is a senior research scientist for the U.S. Department of the Interior and an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota. His research on wolves has taken him around the world from Minnesota to Canada to Italy and beyond. He is passionate about educating people on the nature of wolves and founded the International Wolf Centre and has published 11 books along with hundreds of articles on wolves and other wildlife. Dave will be presenting with Gilbert Proulx on the question of wolves being responsible for the decline of the caribou and moose populations.


Nikita Ovsyanikov. Speaker. Wolf and Carnivore Conference on October 18-19, 2017 in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada.
Nikita Ovsyanikov

Nikita has dedicated his life to studying Arctic animals. He started with studying Arctic foxes and later found himself living completely isolated among one of the world’s largest predators — polar bears. As a professional zoologist and doctor of biological sciences, along with his footwork with polar bears and other wildlife, he is a specialist in animal behaviour and behavioural ecology. He will be presenting on polar bears and climate change, as well as offering a workshop on safe methodologies for preventing and managing conflict with polar bears. This has never before been offered in Canada and we are very excited! Nikita has published 60 scientific articles, a monograph on Arctic foxes, two books on polar bears, and a fascinating documentary “Polar Bears: Life on the Field of Bones”.

Erin McCloskey. Speaker. Wolf and Carnivore Conference on October 18-19, 2017 in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada.
Erin McCloskey


Erin, author of Wolves in Canada, has a Bachelor of Science in conservation biology and management. She has been involved in numerous endangered species conservation projects around the world. Erin has traveled as an editor and author for various publishers while working with international volunteers in Europe on wildlife projects. She’s worked on wildlife research expeditions in Namibia, Brazil, Oman and Australia. Author of over a dozen books, she focused a few of her books on the intricacies of human-wildlife conflicts in Canada and the USA: Bear Attacks and Wolves of Canada. We look forward to hearing Erin present at our Wolf and Carnivore Conference!

Gilbert Proulx. Speaker. Wolf and Carnivore Conference on October 18-19, 2017 in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada.
Gilbert Proulx


Gilbert is the Director of Science at Alpha Wildlife Research & Management Ltd. with 41 years of experience as a field wildlife biologist and we are excited to have him join us at the conference. A brilliant mind, Gilbert has his bachelors and masters in biology as well as a Ph.D. As an adjunct professor in the Department of Zoology and Entomology in South Africa, he is passing on his knowledge and passion for animal life. He will be presenting with David Mech on the question of whether wolves are responsible for the decline of the caribou and moose populations.

Also, don’t miss out on a chance to help develop a global Wolf Centre of Excellence! Facilitated by Sheldon Mcleod, there will be two sessions on finalizing the strategic planning for this awesome project!

Click here to register for the conference today and get the EARLY BIRD discount! Offer ends July 31, 2017! Once again, we have lined up some fabulous speakers. Don’t miss out on the chance to interact with them personally! Only 140 spaces available!

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Wolf Talk – Wolf and Carnivore Conference


We are hosting a Wolf and Carnivore Conference on October 18, 2017 here in Thompson, Manitoba! With world-renowned scientists, researchers and speakers attending it’s sure to be an enlightening experience. Thompson has a healthy wolf population roaming its surrounding boreal forests. Our wolf population size is unstudied, yet even in their elusive nature we have plenty of sightings. Wolf populations used to be thriving in North America, an estimated 250,000 – 500,000 roamed freely. By 1960, the wolf population was reduced to around 300 in the States. Since then, people have become the wolves among us, fighting for the survival of these beautiful carnivores. We want to encourage people around the world to view wolves in a positive light and replace the stigma around these amazing animals.

Photo credit: Robert Postma – Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

 At the conference there will be presentations on how climate change is affecting polar bears and other carnivores, whether wolves are at fault for declining moose and caribou populations, and the creation and development a Wolf Centre of Excellence. There will also be a never-before offered workshop by polar bear expert, Nikita Ovysanikov, on safe polar bear encounters and conflict prevention methodology!

The conference is a smaller venue, designed to provide more personal interaction with the keynote speakers and wolf experts. This conference is designed to help create a wolf economy in Manitoba and help develop a global Wolf Viewing and Study Centre. There are unlimited research opportunities in the northern Manitoba region. You can see stunning public art such as our 10-story wolf mural and multiple wolf statues around town.  Attendees can also register for a private charter to see polar bears in Churchill!

There are only 140 seats available at the Wolf and Carnivore Conference, so make sure to register today! Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the pack in furthering wolf research, awareness and conservation! Go to  to register today and get the EARLY BIRD rate! Offer ends July 31st.

To all of you who care about the future of the wolves among us, register today and come see what we are doing in Thompson, Manitoba to change wolf history!

To any of our European followers, make sure to sign up for the Manitoba Wild Contest and enter to win a trip from London to Northern Manitoba. You can see wolves, polar bears, and much more on this trip of a lifetime!

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