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Spirit Way Inc Active This Summer


As summer arrives in the North, residents and visitors look forward to the long warm days. Thompson is a summer and winter playground and there are a zillion things to do in the surrounding pristine wilderness.

Friends of Spirit Way have met to discuss more landscaping and other beautification and maintenance tasks to be undertaken this summer. A recent presentation was made to City Council this May that outlined the plans for the new Wolf Park at the Thompson Zoo. This would be Canada’s finest. More funds need to be raised and more volunteers are needed to complete the project by 2011. Stay tuned for details here.

The goal is to invite 100 people to become official FRIENDS. These are people who are proud of their community and can be Thompson Ambassadors. You can do as little or as much as  you like. Contact us for information. We will reward you with a very special pin.

Monthly public guided walking tours of Spirit Way will be offered so anyone can learn and enjoy the many unique features and points of interest along the pathway.

Our Facebook group is growing and we’d like to make invite more people to join with their ideas how to improve on Spirit Way.

The Firefighter Tribute statue will be completed this summer – lighting, landscaping, trees, a pathway to the Bailey Bridge are all planned for this year. If you can help, let us know.

Have a great summer, and visit us here again!

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